I am currently experiencing a weary season filled with vast circumstances.

To start, there are about 6 months left until graduation day (188 days… but who’s counting). These 6 months involve “checking off” every last box of my undergraduate career—talk about stress inducing. I could bore you by explaining every one of these “boxes” in detail, but instead I believe it would be more valuable to share what I have experienced over the past couple weeks studying abroad in Europe.

Some of you may believe the statement, “Katrina Matthews just loves traveling.” When, in reality, traveling is really difficult for me. I do not do well with frequent change and transitions. Ironically, though, it appears the anxiety I experience with traveling produces an increased awareness of how much I need the Lord. I suppose this awareness increases once my life circumstances aren’t necessarily “going as planned” or “fitting into my box of comfort,” etc.


Some background information:

I have been studying abroad since the beginning of June. This specific abroad experience consists of me (and 11 other women) visiting Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland; I am now entering my second and final week in Prague. The most educationally demanding part of the trip involves teaching at an English immersion school in the Czech Republic called “Hanspaulka.”

To get straight to the point, this trip has been exceptionally more draining than I had predicted it would be. I truly cannot recall another time being so pushed and pulled out of my comfort zone until this last week. More specifically, the biggest battle I face is the fact that I know 0% of the Czech language. Let’s face it; if you know me well, you know how much I thrive in communication with others. And once this innate skill was taken away from me I experienced overwhelming feelings of isolation and confusion. Seriously, how can Katrina Matthews be Katrina Matthews without being able to communicate? (“Oh dear” is right.)


And now, on this sunny and 72 degree Sunday morning, I have a change of heart.

A couple of days ago I had informed my host family I needed time this weekend to work on homework. To my surprise, this morning my host “dad” told me I have the house to myself today (as their family is visiting the country house for the day). I couldn’t help but to smile and take a deep and appreciative breath as I was being reminded of how faithful our Heavenly Father is to his children.

I am overwhelmed by the pure truth that God knows just WHAT I need and WHEN I need it (and of all things— of course it is on Sabbath day). I have been blessed with a day of rest in Him as I leisurely complete my homework, nap in the sun, and have uninterrupted FaceTime as I see my sweet earthly father’s face on Father’s Day. This day of rest will give me just enough time to have my cup filled, as well as the energy and patience to finish the second half of this trip well.


Today I am thankful for God’s faithfulness.

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